Moving right along…

Moving day has come and gone!  The moving pack we created earlier this month has been heavenly in getting everything organized, even though we are just moving down the street.  I guess that goes to show that no matter how close or far you are moving, these sheets are handy!  I didn’t get a chance to print out the labels we created, but marking the boxes with the number and room will work for this super short move.  I think if we were moving further away or out of state with a professional moving company and had more boxes, the labels would be a must.  We are extremely lucky that we literally can walk down to our new home – so many items can stay in their drawers, baskets and containers rather than being safely packed away in a box.

I’ve been packing things for the past couple of weeks and keeping track of things we won’t need for three weeks, then two and now one.  So far, the system has worked out quite well and after realizing how much stuff we have, it’s ridiculous how much we really don’t need on a regular basis (although I am missing a lot of my kitchen goodies!  Note to self: remember to not pack your measuring cups, cheese grater or pitcher the last two weeks before moving – trust me, you’ll need them for random things).

Only a couple of main things left to sort and unpack- then it’s time for the fun part:  DECORATING! Making a new home your own and changing the layout of furniture is always refreshing.  Our excitement is building with having a baby room to sprinkle with love too!

Can’t wait to post pics as we organize our way to a fully functioning home that can stay tidy while feeling completely comfortable!


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