Holiday Craft (ob)Session

IMG_2088IMG_2226IMG_2124Nothing excited me more this Holiday season that getting all of my decorations out and adding more to the mix in leu of my darling son’s arrival this past November.  Something about the season and kids just go together so well and I’m sure extending the family by adding one more member warmed my heart and the heart of my parents and sister as well.  The toughest task was climbing through our cardboard box and plastic bin filled garage to hunt for my beloved Christmas decorations.  After a bit of searching, I found them (comparable to finding the holy grail – no joke).  I happened to have a small Christmas tree and a hearty supply of every cheery, rustic and romantic red and gold knick-knack to trim my precious little faux pine from top to bottom.  Accompanying the main attraction was a lush generic wreath with large magnolia leaves, and a good helping of pine swag with cinnamon sticks and pinecones.  As if these traditional items weren’t enough, I had the urge to add more.

This year I added my “Noel” paper maché letters, which I painted bright red and hot glued together.  I was pretty surprised when it held up, as it was shockingly sturdy.  I also added the stuffed bears along the underside of the tree (so it didn’t look bare without any present) and I made an ice block “present.”  The ice block present was a cinch to make and literally took under fifteen minutes to create.  And last, but not least, I had the pleasure of taking my son to see Santa for the first time and of course framed the photo.  Granted he was sleeping through the whole photo shoot, but it made for a great photo-op since Santa played along and added a little sparkle of personality for our everlasting memory.  I love everything so much I have yet to take any of it down.  I have a feeling though that it’s been long enough.


I also have a list of more items that I want to create, but I guess it will have to wait until December (or maybe Christmas crafting in July will be on my agenda this year).  I can’t wait to make Christmas a holiday my son will always remember throughout his childhood and to create traditions he will cherish forever.

Cheers to a great holiday!


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