Lemon Lines is intended to get the clutter organized, bring the most delectable recipes to the table, help with tips and tricks that make life easier and host beloved tutorials from refurbishing furniture to crafting anything handmade.  That is Lemon Lines in it’s most condensed summary.  Now for the real scoop on how this bowl of lemons was formed…

Planting the Seed.
In 2007 I started a little company called Tenleaf Studios, which designed graphic elements for branded material, websites and social media platforms. It was going so well, but I was only devoting one-tenth of my time to making this work. Finally, 5 years later, I had the courage and know-how to branch out on my own, one-hundred percent.   I quickly realized there were so many other ways of sharing my talents and  there was so much more I wanted to offer.

The Roots.
My educational background and work experience include: Advertising, Graphic Design, Marketing Consulting and Social Media tutoring, with a main emphasis on business strategies. When I’m not using my degree, my hobbies include creating anything with my hands, from sewing to cooking, reupholstering furniture to painting. My abilities are vast and unlimited, especially when I combine the great world of technology and design with creating handmade goodies.

Blooming Branches.
This Summer I started to organize everything in my life from A to Z. This could have something to do with the nesting period I am currently going through, as my man and I are expecting our first child, a precious little boy, this November. Not only is organizing on my brain, but every act and good deed of a 1950’s housewife excites me. I’m constantly on the hunt for new recipes, I love cooking, I want everything in the house neat and tidy (computer files and car included), and I love the smile on my mans face when he can come home to everything I’ve worked on during the day. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a huge difference between myself and a wife in 1953. I do much more than just play house.

Ripe for the Picking.
Rather than keeping my work and love of various hobby’s separate, I realized my background and hobbies together can make life much more fun and entertaining. Zing! Zip! Zest! Lemon Lines was born. A place where I get to share my passions and creativity. The best part? I get to help others organize their lives, serve delicious dishes to their families, create wonderful things to keep or give as gifts, all while passing along various tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way.

I truly hope you find at least an item or two that interests you, and that you share it with those you love. Thank you for stopping by and checking us out.  I look forward to helping you and bringing some exciting things your way!



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